Performance Marketing Specialist

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Performance Marketing Specialist to take control of Home Bar Heroes’ marketing drive at this growth stage.

Working alongside the team, The Performance Marketing Specialist will help develop, execute, and monitor marketing programs across a variety of channels. Their work includes researching the market, analysing trends to help define Home Bar Heroes' marketing strategy, and providing advice as to how to best reach our target market.

We’d love you to join us if you are: 

  1. Curious, intelligent, creative and empathetic.
  2. A self-starter mentality, capable of working in an agile, cross-functional team.
  3. Great at running performance marketing campaigns via paid social and search. The kind of person who loves to dive deep into the numbers to ensure positive ROAS
  4. Highly analytical and data-driven.
  5. Mathematically literate. It is essential that you understand statistical significance, applied to A-B testing.
  6. Acutely aware of brand especially in e-commerce and retail sector


We’d love you to be part of the team if you value: 

  1. Working in a structured, planned, thoughtful way.
  2. Your ideas being challenged.
  3. Being flexible, open to take on tasks outside the core role.
  4. Personal growth and a wide gamut of experiences.
  5. A flexible working environment 


Key Responsibilities 

  1. Develop, implement, and track marketing programs such as email, social media, or digital campaigns, and events
  2. Collaborate with other internal teams (e.g. product and sales) to develop and monitor strategic marketing initiatives
  3. Analyse and report on the performance and efficiency of campaigns
  4. Optimise paid social media.
  5. Optimise marketing funnels to significantly reduce CAC.
  6. Own Klaviyo tool for consumer communications, both promotional and transactional.
  7. Write, proofread, and edit creative and technical content across different mediums
  8. Build and optimise email and improve segmentation
  9. Build and send both promotional and transactional emails
  10. Supporting other relevant workflows 


Key Skills and Experience  

  1. 2+ years of hands-on experience in a similar role.
  2. Experienced with Facebook/Instagram Ads (Expert), Google Ads (Expert), Google Analytics (Expert), SEO (Competent).
  3. Experience working with email marketing tools like Klaviyo or similar.
  4. Experience with A/B testing and optimisation.
  5. Experience generating email leads, both on-site and through paid media.
  6. Basic knowledge of markup languages and javascript.
  7. Excellent understanding of consumer funnels and flows.
  8. A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques.
  9. International experience is preferred, but not mandatory. Bonus points for speaking Mandarin, German or Italian.

Apply Now at hire@homebarheroes.com